The Village Trip

A new annual festival honoring the history and heritage of Greenwich Village



Doug Yeager“For five years, since our first meeting, I have observed your dedicated, caring and passionate effort to create a music, arts and culture festival to celebrate Greenwich Village and its century-long history of fomenting art culuture in America. Congratulations on birthing The Villlage Trip!

“...There is no doubt in my mind, that all of the above named artists and promoters will be grateful and bless you for creating a long over-due celebration and recognition of Greenwich Village with The Village Trip.”

Doug Yeager



Janis Ian“I believe a folk festival of this nature could come to rival festivals like Bonnaroo, which I’ve watched since its inception from my current home in Nashville, or the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Perhaps not in size, but certainly in scope. This is a win win, so far as I can see, for the city and the state of New York. The potential for archival material is astounding. The possibilities – a DVD series, a CD series, working in conjunction with institutions that could range from the NY Public Library system to the Smithsonian Folkways series – are unending. And the commercial potential is tremendous.

“Outside of any financial consideration, the musicians and artists who gravitated toward Greenwich Village throughout the 60’s and even into the 70’s formed a group as diverse, eclectic, and talented as the artists who gravitated to Paris in the early 20th century. Their influence on our culture, and that of the world, cannot be overestimated. For New York to support such of them as remain, and honor the memory of those who are gone, is not only a good thing for the city – it is a right, and proper, thing for the city’s history and conscience.”

Janis Ian



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Washington Square Hotel
Lagunitas Brewing Company
The Cornelia Street Cafe
The Washington Square Association
Village Alliance
New York Public Library
Washington Square Park Folk Festival
The New School
Washington Square Park Conservancy
Jalopy Theatre
Strand Book Store
Rakuten Overdrive
Capital One
New York University
Varick Street Litho
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
Steineway and Sons
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